Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense

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  • Papa Benedict XVI :

    "Aratati-mi doar ce Muhammad a adus nou si o sa gasesti numai lucruri rele si inumane, asa ca el comanda sa imprastie sabii pentru lupta el predica." (Quoting 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos)
  • Regina Margareta a Danemarcii:

    "Noi am fost provocati de islam acesti ani. Gloal ca si local. Este o provocare pe care trebuie sa o luam in serios. Noi am permis sa lasam aceasta problema sa pluteasca prea mult timp pentru ca suntem prea toleranti si lenesi. Noi trebuie sa aratam opozitia noastra islamului si noi avem acum o perioada riscanta, hotarata, etichetata pusa pe noi pentru ca acolo cateva lucruri pentru care noi trebuie sa ne expunem si sa nu toleram. Si cand noi suntem toleranti, noi trebuie sa stim sa infrunteam pentru convenienta ((pentru ca e usor) sau convingere (pentru ca noi sa ne convingem)."
  • Regele Ibn Saud, Arabia Saudita

    “Verily, the word of Allah teaches us, and we implicitly believe it, that for a Muslim to KILL A JEW, or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him immediate entry into Heaven and into the august presence of Allah.” (1937) -Foarte, lumea lui Allah ne invata pe noi, si noi implicit credem, asta pentru musulmani sa UCIDA UN EVREU, sau pentru el sa fie ucis de un evreu, ii asigura lui imediat intrarea in Rai si intrarea in august in prezemta lui Allah (1937)- “The Democratic system that is predominant in the world is not a suitable system for the peoples of our region…….The system of free election is NOT suitable to our country.” -Sistimul democratie este predominant in lume nu este un sistem potrivit pentru lumea din regiunea noastra. Sistemul de alegeri libere nu este potrivit pentru tara noastra-
  • Profetul Muhamed spune :

    ”No Muslim should be killed for killing a Kafir” (infidel) - "Nu musulmani trebuie sa fie ucisi pentru uciderea kafirului (infidelitatii)" Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 9:50 ... “Daca musulmanii delibereaza crima, alti musulmani cad sub legea vendeta si trebuie legal sa fie pusi la moarte de rudele apropiate. Dar daca un nemusulman care moare in mainile musulmanilor trebuie oproape toata viata sa fie de obicei nemusulman, penaltiul cu moartea nu este valid. In loc ca musulmanii sa fie criminali, artrebui sa plateasca cu bine si trebuies pedepsiti cu bicuire ... De cand islamul a considerat nemusulmanii ca pe un nivel micsorat al credintei si convigerii, daca un musulman ucide un nemusulman atuci pedeapsa lui trebuie sa nu fie una cu moartea, de cand lupta si convingerea care o poseda el este mareata atungi asta este de la barbatul nimicilor … Islam si poporul sa fie pe deasupra infideli si niciodata sa nu permita nemusulmanilor sa dobandeasca barea Domnului pentru ei.” — Sultanhussein Tabandeh, A Muslim Commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, F. J. Goulding, translator, London, 1970.
  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk:

    “Turcii sint o natiune buna chiar dinainte ca ei sa adopte islamul. Adeasta religie nu ajuta arabii, iranienii, egiptenii si altele sa uneasca cu turcii intr-o natiune. Transformarea a stabilit turcii in relatiile nationale; a amortit nationalitatea turceasca sentimental si entuziasmal. Acesta a fost natural pentru Mohamedaism care a fost bazat pe nationalism inaintea tuturor nationalitatilor” 1930s Primul Ministru turc, Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “Minaretii sint sabiile noastre, soarte sint vindecarea, moscheele sint casele noastre, credinciosii sint soldatii nostrii. 1999
  • Ce Spune Musulmanii ‘Moderat’ :

    Profesorul M A din indonezia Universitatea islamica Syarif Hidayatullah: “Este adevarat ca acolo este certitudine islamica perceputa care nu este compatibila cu drepturile omului universale” In islamic Malaezia “moderat”: numai musulmanii sunt ca cetatenii malaezieni. Noiembrie 2007: Profesorul malaezian Mohamed Hashim Kamali, in Maldive pentru ca a sfatuit in amendamentul din constitutie, a spus clar ca idea ca ‘nimenii nu poate fi cetatean Maldivian, cu exceptia musulmanilor’ este 100% islamic.
  • [EX-Algerian President] Houari Boumedienne :

    In 1974 spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations : "One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women." -In 1974, a vorbit Generalul Assembly al Natiunilor Unite: "O data milioane de barbati vor pleca din emisfera sudica a planetei sa explodeze in emisfera nordica. Dar nu ca prieteni. Pentru ca ei vor exploda ca sa cucereasca, si ei vor cuceri inmultindu-se cu copii lor. Victoria va veni la noi din pantecele femeilor noastre-
  • More Quotations from Prominent Muslims :

    Curtea suprema a Pakistanului, Muhammad Taqi Usmani : “Musulmanii trebuie sa traiasca LINISTITI in tari ca Marea Britanie, unde lor le trebuie libertate sa practice islamismul, NUMAI pana cand castiga destula putere sa se angreneze in lupta. Jihadul (agresiv) este legal si permisibil impotriva nemusulmanilor din tarile generoase care au permis predica islamului. Chiar in aceste zile (de Muhamad) AGRESIUNE JIHADULUI ESTE AMENTITATA … pentru ca a fost SINCER COMANDATA PENTRU STABILITATE SI GRANDOARE DE RELIGIA LUI ALLAH.” Saudi cleric, Sheikh Saleh al-Fozan : “There are no, neither will be, any liberal muslims. When there are muslims hoping for liberal islam, they can forget it. Liberal islam goes against the will of allah”

Muslim Hatred towards NON-Muslims

Magdi Khalil is an EGYPTIAN Coptic political analyst, researcher, author and Executive Editor of the Egyptian weekly Watani International. He is also a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, London, a writer for several Arabic language newspapers, and a frequent contributor to Middle East broadcast news TV. Mr. Khalil has also published three books and written numerous research papers on citizenship rights, civil society, and the situation of minorities in the Middle East.

Below is his article (taken from :


2- [ISLAM’s] Deadly Religious Incitements [Against the Infidel]

Anyone who monitors the media and different aspects of culture and education in Egypt will find an endless number of edicts (Fatwas) provoking the public against the Copts. Those edicts range from considering them infidels who should be fought and subjected to all kinds of injustices, to the incitation of kidnapping their daughters.

Let us ponder some of those deadly, venomous edicts:

Sheikh Abdel Haleem Mahmood, the former Imam of AL AZHAR wrote in his book “Believing in Allah” saying: “Christians are like a malignant and contagious disease. Muslims should be unjust to them, they should despise them, treat them roughly and boycott them to force them to convert to Islam”

Sheikh Muhamed Metwaly El-Shaarawy wrote in Al-Ahram newspaper on 9/2/1992 saying: “Having sex with female POW’s bestows honor on her since the master does to her what he does to his wife.”

Why was he then screaming and complaining along with his clique when the Serbs raped the Bosnian women? Or is it permissible for Muslims but forbidden for others?

The Imam of the mosque of the Juristic Society in Assiut repeated publicly and for many years in his Friday sermons that: “Christian women are a loot for every Muslim.”

I personally heard one of those obsessed religious extremists preaching in a small mosque saying: “Raping Christian women is permissible to oblige them to convert to Islam.”

Another example is the edict issued by Sheikh Gad-El Haq, the former Imam of Al-Azhar, when answering a question regarding the marriage of a Muslim woman from a Christian man. To answer that question, the former Imam of Al-Azhar issued an edict based on thorough Islamic jurisprudential research which concluded that Jews and Christians are infidels therefore a Muslim woman should not be given into marriage to a non-Muslim whether a Christian or a Jew or others, and the followers of both religions are considered infidels and polytheists. (Consultant Mohamed Said El-Ashmawy, in “An edict and an article” in El-Ahaly newspaper 10/4/1996).

One of these edicts is the one issued by Al-Azhar Committee of Edicts in 1996 concerning the legality of marrying a Christian man to a Muslim woman: “This is forbidden since Islam is SUPERIOR to all other religions. And children should follow the better religion of the parents according to the jurisprudential rule.”

Hisham Khalifa, an attorney and in Al-Ahram newspaper on 9/16/1996 “Legal Matters” column says: “an act that involves disbelief such as going to church.”

“Islam is unique amongst world beliefs being the only one that we can call a ‘religion.’ Also, Christianity as sent by God to Issa” (Jesus) — Peace be upon him — was lost after his death.” (Hussein Moaness in October magazine on 15/3/1992.)

In dealing with Christians, a Muslim feels supremacy and does not consider those infidels worthy of any respect or appreciation — they cannot be admired or held in high esteem. On the contrary, they are like cattle or even worse, regardless of any successful worldly achievements. (The Muslims Magazine on 10/29/1993).

Look at the venom propagated against non-Muslims by Zaghloul El-Naggar in his weekly article in Al-Ahram newspaper:

“Infidels, polytheists and hypocrites, especially the people of the book who falsified their religion, and the Jews, those criminals who were the pivot of disbelief throughout history, as they are still today, and will be until the end of days, they represent the worst image of disbelief.” (Al-Ahram 7/15/2002)

“The positions of some of the people of the book towards their pacts and the devastation incurred on the infidels due to their breaching of treaties such as the followers of both Moses and Issa (Jesus) –Peace be upon them — then the exoneration of Jesus from the false claims of divinity.” (Al-Ahram 1/1/2002)

It becomes clear that Judaism is not a religion but rather a sickness that infects the sound natural instinct and causes it to deviate from its humane track to fall into the demonic circle.” (Al-Ahram 7/22/2002)

Abdel Gawad Yassin says: “From a national perspective, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian and atheists are all the same, but according to Islam, they are not at all the same. And they lie under a category different than that of Muslims under Islamic Sharia Laws. In an Islamic state — whatever its name is — they should be made to pay the jizya (special taxes paid by non-Muslims), they should not share in ruling the country and there should not be any reliance on them in Jihad or defense. They should always be in a status that makes them feel the strength of Islam and its greatness, righteousness, generosity, dignity, benevolence and tolerance, i.e. they should be kept in a position that compels them to convert to Islam.” (Source: Abdel-Gawad Yassin, A Prologue to the jurisprudence of contemporary pre-Islamic Ignorance, 1986)

Another example is the statement of Mostafa Mashhour, the previous leader of the “Muslim Brotherhood” issued in Al-Ahram Weekly on 4/3/1997, where he said: “Copts should pay the jizya instead of joining the army to avoid their alliance with the enemy in case of fighting against a Christian country.”

Let’s also read what the students in Assiut University, Suhag branch, had to study in their book “Basics of Education”:

Christianity hallowed Jesus exactly as the Marxists did.

Christianity, just as Judaism is an Egyptian Judaic concoction.

Christianity is based on Judaism and the latter is not a religion.

Christianity was inoculated with paganism.

Christianity has turned into a pagan religion.

Human fiddling around with Christianity changed it into a mixture of both Judaism and paganism.

The Apostle Paul pretended to be a Christian to distort Christianity.

You can imagine what the children are taught in what are called Islamic schools and also public schools (by the way 22% of the educational system in Egypt is Islamic education set on infusing hatred against followers of other religions calling for their expulsion and eradication). We read in one of the books of the children’s curricula:

A Muslim washes his hands before and after eating.

A Muslim walks quietly and with dignity.

Christians are the misguided.

The only religion accepted by Allah is Islam and no religion other than Islam satisfies Allah.

If Muslims followed those venomous edicts they would have totally eradicated Copts from Egypt, but thank God that many Muslims are more humane and civilized than their Imams and their traditions (and even more civilized then their own prophet —antikafirphobia). No wonder that the extremists are called “The Friday Party,” since the Muslim would be a normal person until he starts to frequently attend the Friday prayer behind one of these Imams. Then he turns into a strange creature who wants to prey on anyone who is not a Muslim and if he does not find one he will prey on his own community and even himself as was the case in Afghanistan, Algeria and Sudan, etc.

What do we expect from the criminals and the culprits who are waiting for a legal excuse to accomplish their vile and despicable desires? Isn’t it true that these edicts and venomous writings created the “Permissibility” principle, which is: “Confiscating the properties of the Copts and exterminating their souls and daughters is permissible.”

The culprits are not the sole villainous criminals, but those who throw such edicts at their feet are integral partners of the crime.


It is not just edicts and writings that incite against everything Coptic, but the judicial system also contributed in this auction with a countless number of racist verdicts. The comical verdicts against the murderers of Copts throughout half a century are enough of indications that the judicial system is not acquitted from what is happening to the Copts, take these examples:

In one verdict, it was pronounced that a Muslim is the honorable person and a non-Muslim lacks honor (Case number 2473, the year of 1953 El Sayeda Zeinab court). A ruling to end the custody of a Coptic mother to her Muslim son when her husband converted to Islam, the court stated in it justification that “it is feared that the child might be affected by the customs of disbelief had he stayed with his mother” (Case number 17 of the year 1961, Alexandria court of appeals). The custodianship of a Coptic father to his two children was cancelled when the mother converted to Islam, as according to the court ruling, “The children must follow the better religion and Islam is the best of religions” (Case number 462 of the year of 1958, Alexandria Lower Court).

As for the witnesses in the case, they are all non-Muslims, whose testimonies are not acceptable as their testimony is against a Muslim according to the Hanafi School of jurisprudence that is agreed upon, as testimony is part of the authority, and a non-Muslim should not have any authority over a Muslim. (Ruling 221 of the court of cassations of the 40 year, Division of Civil Affairs, May 19, 1970).

Those who embrace Islam are subject to the second article of the constitution which states that Islam is the state religion and the Islamic Sharia Law is the main source of legislation, therefore he has no right to revert back to Christianity, otherwise the apostasy law applies on him (Executive court ruling dated 4/8/1980).

The husband leads his wife to bed, therefore he must not be of a lower faith than hers, Allah almighty said Surah 2:221 “Do not marry (your girls) to Unbelievers until they believe” and the messenger of Allah said “Islam is superior and it should not be inferior”. The Islamic jurisprudence derived a consensus from it that a Muslim woman should not marry and infidel, therefore it is a must to separate between the couple and the non-Muslim should be punished in case of consummation, and the Muslim woman should be acquitted, if he converts to Islam after marriage, he should not be relied on with such marriage as it is invalid since the very beginning and will not be rectified by his conversion to Islam. (Alexandria court ruling, issued on April 21, 1957).

A person that converts from Islam is dead in the eyes of the law (Report of the Alexandria general prosecution, 5/29/72).

These are just examples of the religious discriminatory judicial verdicts, and there are much more up for grabs.//



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